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Squirrel Hoppers are great entertainment
and for the birds too.

They make a great gift
and are fun to watch.

You would not believe all the antics those bushy tailed critters go through to get at that ear of corn. I can sit on my deck for hours watching them. They will get a kernel of corn and then they go and bury it in the grass. I am not sure if they remember all the spots they buried their treasures. They really are pure entertainment! Try one for your self and you will see.

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Squirrel FeederSquirrel Hopper II 
Squirrel Feeder  

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The Squirrel Hopper II  made by Duger is constructed from 1/2" diameter, maintenance free, galvanized; conduit, chain, fasteners and nylon cord. Designed for years of service, The SQUIRREL HOPPER™ II is a bird feeder as well.

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Squirrel Feeder are made by Squirrel Hopper ™.  They are constructed from 1/2" diameter, maintenance free, galvanized; conduit, chain, fasteners and nylon cord. Our Squirrel Feeder are designed for years of service, The Hopper II  is not only for our bushy tailed friends, they are for the birds as well. See the photo of the Blue Jay feasting on the Hopper II in the squirrel photo gallery . Now you can see the flying squirrels in your own backyard. Squirrel Feeder, squirrel proof bird feeder, squirrel hopper, blue jays, ear corn, wildlife, nature, critter, bird watching, birds, feeding, feed, free, entertainment, cookie jar, food

Built with pride by Squirrel Hopper ™, one at a time. 

Your naturally inquisitive and acrobatic bushy tailed friends will love the challenge Hopper II offers. It is at work in any kind of weather.

The Hopper II is pure Entertainment! They hop up and grab on to an ear of corn suspended two feet above the ground. Once on, they swing and bob, traveling in the air. They have fun and so do you! It will give you many hours of enjoyment watching them perform for you.

Are they raiding your birds cookie jar ?

This is a good way to help keep them out of your bird food. (not 100%, we know.) There is no need for squirrel-proof bird feeders with the Hopper II..

If you can't beat 'em, feed 'em

The ear of corn feeding system helps to conserve the consumption of food. With a Hopper II you have a great corn feeder too. You should be able to buy ear corn at your local Wal-Mart store, Mills Fleet Farm . To get them started, if they need training, just add a little peanut butter at the top of the ear of corn.

Monitoring the food supply is easy, when the kernels of corn are gone just replace with a fresh ear of corn. To refill you simply unscrew the corn cob and screw on a fresh ear of corn.

A Few Photos

for the birds
Any one for bird watching?
For the birds
Even the blue jays like them.
Squirrel hopper standing tall
Isn't Nature and wildlife great?

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Comes Completely Assembled, just put it up add corn cob and start enjoying.

To Buy It , just click on the add to cart button above. It is a great value with lots of entertainment and makes a great gift too.